A Message From Our Pastor...
Pastor Chris

March/April 2018
You believe because you have seen me:
Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.   -John 20:29

As the days of ice and snow keep coming I find myself looking for signs of spring. The early days of warmth and sun were a bit of a tease when followed by ice and accumulating inches of snowy precipitation. Whether its sap running in maple trees, early buds pushing through the ground or returning birds gathering on the lawn to search for breakfast – I’m longing for the signs of spring. When I read the following Lenten devotion it reminded me that signs aren’t just for the changing of the season and that they are all around us when we take the energy to really open our eyes and our hearts.

Do this! Buy that! Come in! Stay out! Signs are everywhere! Signs keep us safe, provide helpful information, give us confidence and confirm that we are going the right (or the wrong) way! As people of faith it may, at times, seem like a few well-placed, informative signs would be most helpful. I mean, are we doing this Christian life thing right – or what? As hard as we may try, it can be easy for doubt to creep in. Well, if doubt is something you can relate to, it turns out that the Bible is filled from cover to cover with people who wanted a sign from God that they were right! Much of the mission of Jesus was tied to “signs.” We may call them “miracles” like turning water to wine, raising the dead, healing the sick, feeding the 5,000 and many more. The miracles of Jesus are signs! They are helpful! They give us confidence and confirm that we are going the right way! What signs or miracles of God did you see today?
Lord God, thank you for the relationship I have with you. Help me in those moments when I doubt and give me eyes to see the signs of your love. Amen.*
As we continue to celebrate the season of Lent together I hope and pray that you can see the signs of Christ’s presence in your life and in the life of those around you. I want you to share those signs with each other alongside the experience of what it was like to recognize the signs in the first place.
There are ample opportunities to share in the time of eye opening realization throughout Lent and into the Easter season. Some examples from ministries that we are a part of include, the Ecumenical Worship Services, the 40 Days of Hunger program, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Regular Sunday Worship, Easter Food Basket Donations, Maundy Thursday Soup and Rolls and Easter Worship.

I’m sure there are many more signs in your life every day. 
-Pastor Chris

*From “Don’t’ Forget to Pray” editor Heather Roth Johnson

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